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The Restaurant Rundown podcast features industry experts sharing their experiences and insights on running a successful restaurant business.

From menu development to branding and marketing, guests cover a range of topics including store operations, finances, and franchising. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, manager, or foodie, tune in to explore the fascinating world of restaurants.

Recent Rundown

Ep8: Insights with Mike: Mastering Customer Service for Loyal Returns!

In this episode, we unravel the art of exceptional customer service and how it serves as the cornerstone for cultivating a base of loyal, returning customers. Join us for another Insight with Mike, as he explores proven strategies and share real-world examples that can transform your restaurant’s customer experience from ordinary to extraordinary.

Ep7: Insights with Mike: Exploring the Fast Food Evolution!

Join us on a culinary journey as we dive deep into the dynamic world of fast food. Imagine a group of friends buzzing with excitement as they order and share a feast of innovative dishes, embodying the spirit of the new generation. This episode is all about the evolution of fast food menus—why and how the landscape is changing at an astonishing pace.

In this episode, Mike shares personal experiences and insights into the ever-evolving fast food landscape. From customizable options to plant-based innovations, he unravels the secrets behind staying relevant in the fast-paced world of food trends.

Ep6: Insights with Mike: Responding to Google Reviews

In this episode, Mike explores the ways to respond to Google reviews and explains how customer feedback can be a goldmine for operational improvement. Discover why customer retention is the lifeline of your business and gain insights into turning first-time visitors into loyal, repeat customers.

Mike, the creative force behind our restaurant’s brand, shares his wealth of experience in building customer connections. This is just one of the many insights that Mike will be sharing in the future with The Restaurant Rundown.

Ep5: Former Franchisee turned Corporate Regional Manager

In this episode of The Restaurant Rundown, we sit down with Paul Clissold, a former franchise partner of Joeys who now works as a regional manager for the franchisor.

We delve into the world of restaurant marketing and operations, discussing everything from Paul’s experiences as a franchisee to his suggestions for local store marketing and advice for future franchise partners. Join us for an insightful conversation on the ins and outs of running a successful restaurant business.

Ep1: Climbing the Ranks: One Man's Rise from Kitchen to the Boardroom

Join us for a fascinating conversation with Michael Llewellyn, Director of Operations at Joey’s Franchise Group. From his humble beginnings as a dishwasher to his current role, Michael shares his insights and expertise on what it takes to run a successful franchise.

We’ll cover what’s expected from franchise partners, as well as do’s and don’ts from running a restaurant that consistently delivers a great customer experience. Whether you’re already in the industry or thinking about getting into it, this episode is not to be missed.

Ep2: Mastering Management: A Young Restaurant Manager's Guide

On today’s episode of “The Restaurant Rundown” we talk to a very young and successful manager Nigel Nimegeers who is making waves in the industry.

In today’s episode, we sit down with a rising star in the restaurant business – the manager of Streats-Beltline Kitchen, a popular local eatery known for its delicious food and excellent customer service.


Ep3: Insights from a Restaurant Industry Veteran

In this episode, we sit down with Rick Hogan, an old school regional manager with over 40 years of experience in the restaurant industry. Rick shares his expertise on building and maintaining relationships with franchise partners, as well as his insights on operations and local store marketing.

From his early days as a dishwasher to his rise as a regional manager, Rick has seen it all and has a wealth of knowledge to share. Tune in to hear his stories and learn from his experiences in this fascinating conversation.

Ep4: Franchise Success: The Inside Scoop with Doc Cassama

In this episode of The Restaurant Rundown, we sit down with franchise expert Doc Cassama to discuss what it really takes to succeed in the restaurant industry.

Doc shares his insights on the key factors that contribute to a successful franchise, from choosing the right location to creating a strong brand identity. He also discusses the challenges that come with operating a franchise and provides practical tips for overcoming them.

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